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Research Assistant


Role: Research Assistant

Term: 6 weeks

Status: Unpaid

Qualifications: BSc. or Associate degree with relevant experience. MSc or graduate student preferred.

Must have experience with research projects and research presentations

Project: Create poster abstract from datasets

Location: Home based. International applicants accepted

Hours: Full-time

Sector: Rare disease research

Closing date:

Ideal start date:

About the Company

ACMCRN leads the collaborative effort in bringing patients, caregivers, doctors and

researchers together to work as one team in furthering research and education goals

of the Arachnoiditis community. We aim to employ the latest in Rare Disease data

sharing/ research tools and the power of online community engagement to advance

our understanding and treatments for Arachnoiditis & Chronic Meningitis.

We accomplish this mission by focusing on four strategic areas:



Our research employs the latest in rare disease research strategies, uses patient

centered outcome research as well as partners with global Arachnoiditis experts to

further the understanding of Arachnoiditis and uncover possible new treatments.

We are currently engaged in developing an Arachnoiditis patient registry and the

necessary research infrastructure to begin clinical trials and the opportunity for

peer-reviewed research.


Strategic Collaborations

Uniting the community of patients and their families, physicians, researchers, and in

future, industry, through online forums, newsletters, Zoom peer support, and

collaborative partnerships with affiliated rare disease organizations such as those

representing the Tarlov Cyst, CSFleak, and Ehlers-Danlos communities.


Awareness & Fundraising

While Arachnoiditis appears to be rarely diagnosed we believe that Arachnoiditis is

not truly rare. Awareness and education activities are of primary importance to us,

hence we are developing educational materials for both patients and their physicians

and affiliate with organizations like The Tennant Foundation, Global Gene's

Compassion Pairing Program and other similar awareness and education projects.


Patient Engagement

Our social media channels are all updated daily with the latest in research and

education updates and opportunities, and encourage patient engagement. We have

both private and public Facebook groups that are active daily, as well as Instagram,

LinkedIn and Twitter. Our future goal is to create a peer support channel through this

website by early 2023.

About the Role

Duration: 6 weeks unpaid with possibility of further paid contract hours at the

completion of the internship. 35 hours per week, online, remote. Mostly on own

schedule except for required update meetings. Materials required: Computer and

internet access, Excel, Google Sheets or other spreadsheet software.


Supervisor: Lori Verton


The ideal candidate will either be a graduate student in life sciences or research

assistant/associate in clinical science. Candidate will be working on retrieving,

managing and formatting data from our current research

survey, and creating a poster abstract of interim results for presentation in upcoming

Research Symposium. Experience with research presentations, spreadsheets and

charting/graphing is required. Experience gained through undergraduate research

projects is acceptable.


Note: Own laptop or desktop required


We look forward to hearing from you!

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