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Understanding my genetics

Katie Callaghan and Illumina

Those living with genetic conditions often undergo genetic testing - but do they really know what it involves?


Follow Katie around Illumina Laboratory in this video, where we explain and show the process of a genetic test.


Genetic Inheritance

Katrina Brooks

Inheritance explains how genetic material is passed from parent to child. This can include things like eye colour or in some cases, genetic conditions.

Listen to Katrina discuss more on Genetic Inheritance and how you can inherit a rare disease!


Genetic Counselling

Aoife Gavan

Being diagnosed with a genetic condition can be life changing and bring on a range of emotions, questions and uncertainties. Genetic counsellors are there to listen and help you and your family work through this.


Listen to Aoife discuss more on genetic counselling and learn from her personal experiences.


Family Planning

Sorcha McElchar

Family planning involves considering the options available to you when you are thinking of having a child. Family planning with a genetic condition can be difficult, especially as a young person.


Listen to Sorcha discuss more on family planning and the options available to those living with genetic conditions.


Prenatal screening

Katie Callaghan

Prenatal screening involves screening your unborn child for any potential genetic conditions or health risks. When living with a genetic condition, you may want to choose to have this screening to help identify whether your baby may be born with any health issues.


Listen to Katie discuss prenatal screening further in this video.


Newborn Screening

Chelsea Wong

A few days after birth, some tests will be offered for your newborn baby to see if they may have some certain health conditions. These tests aim to ensure health conditions are identified and treated as soon as possible. Those living with a genetic condition are often keen for their baby to undergo this screening.


Listen to Chelsea discuss more about newborn screening in this video.

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Meet The Team

Katie Callaghan

Katie Callaghan

  • Linkedin
  • Instagram

Katie is 21 years old and lives with Ehlners-Danlos syndrome and Chronic intestinal pseudo-obstruction.


Chelsea Wong

  • Linkedin
  • Instagram

Chelsea is 23 years old and lives with lupus.

Aoife Gavana

Aofie Gavan

Aoife is 18 years old and lives with scoliosis and Friedreich's ataxia. 

Katrina Brooks

Katrina Brooks

  • Linkedin
  • Instagram

Katrina is 23 years old and lives with lupus.


Sorcha McElchar

  • Linkedin
  • Instagram
  • Youtube

Sorcha is 23 and lives with APS 1 syndrome.

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