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Illuminating RARE Youth Talent Internship Programme

Our internship programme is currently unavailable, please come back soon for updates.

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This recruitment guide aims to guide you through the process of finding, applying for and starting your new career.


It is packed with handy top tips to help you become the best version of yourself for your future employer and help you feel ready for the transition into the workplace

Illuminating RARE Youth 
Recruitment Resources

At RARE Youth Revolution, we are always looking to help young people living with a rare disease put their foot through the door in their future career aspirations.  

We have provided a range of resources to help you towards your future career. If you want any further support, such as CV feedback or want to ask any other questions, feel free to contact us at

Tips for Writing a CV/ Resume

Click the image to download our PDF outlining our tips to writing a CV, a wordbank and sentence substitution to utilise your CV!

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Tips for Interview Preparation

Click the image to download our PDF outlining our tips to preparing for an Interview!

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Tips for Enhancing your LinkedIn Profile

Click the image to download our PDF outlining our tips to how to enhance your LinkedIn profile!

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Wordbanks and Sentence Substitution

Click the image to download our PDF consisting of wordbanks of words to use and how to use them in more effective sentences

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During my time as an intern, I've learned invaluable insight into the publishing world by being thrown into the deep end. My boss gave me support in helping me get to grips with all the new skills I needed and even helped me make my CV better. I've made lots of new connections on LinkedIn from my internship and I will take everything I've absorbed during these six weeks forward with me, so I can be more ready to jump into my next role.

Joe Rumney.jpeg

Joe Rumney,

Marketing Intern

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