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Love Letter to my Father - Shyamala

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

Welcome to our series "Love Letters", where RARE Youth Revolution ask our community with a loved one living with a rare disease to write a letter to them.

This entry comes from Shyamala, whose father was diagnosed with Granulomatosis with Polyangitis

A letter to my rare dad who is in heaven.

For the stories that would come once you leave,

And the changes that would follow after I grieve,

Maybe that Almighty always had a clue,

Which is why he had chosen none but you!

Dad, I always feel that the Almighty has blessed you with a rare disease.

Now, this is definitely not the same old daughter whom you had seen 3 years ago.

I have changed, Trust me when I say this.

I lost you just 13 days before I could graduate. You also know that it was extremely challenging for me to handle both my dental school and hospital duties. I had a massive attendance shortage in my final year and you watched me stay strong.

Dad, your life has given me a purpose.

A purpose to empower the rare. Should the journey not be like this, I would not be talking rare today.

I still remember how my professors back then in my dental school used to ask me this one famous one-liner, "What? Repeat the diagnosis!".

Now, after finding the voice to stand up and advocate for the rare, I am left with dreams. Dreams that I to achieve, come what may!

I am now choosing the road less traveled by.

Some days might be challenging and a few more hopeless,

But beauty is all about balancing,

With the center of resistance at your focus!

I shall start today to march towards my dreams.

I shall not shy away from letting you know of my dreams.

I dream of the day when healthcare professionals don't repeat that one famous one-liner.

I am dreaming of the day when the rare would be successfully empowered enough to make a living out of their disability.

I dream of the day when there is enough access to healthcare.

Now, with all the promises said, I shall last only utter, I shall not give up!

I know the journey is tough, but trust me when I say this, your rare daughter will never give up!



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