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Bring Me Sunshine

With Autumn well and truly here in the UK, Eddison reflects back to a very special day

from the summer, thanks to two charities, Rays of Sunshine and Milly’s Days

Now I know it might sound odd for me to be saying ‘bring me sunshine” given that I can’t be

exposed to daylight. But bear with me and I will explain…

This summer I was lucky enough to be invited along with my family by Rays of Sunshine to

enjoy one of their annual Milly’s Days summer party events, and it was brilliant!

I met lots of new people and did loads of fun things! There was a petting zoo with lambs, baby goats, chicks and even two ponies and a donkey to stroke and brush.

My brother and I got to drive an electric powered boat down the River Thames which was great fun, and there was also a giant swimming pool that was so warm it felt like a jacuzzi with a diving board and a twisty twirly slide.

We played croquet and football and had fun together as a family and with others there who we enjoyed a lovely lunch with together chatting.

The staff were all super fun and helpful making sure we all had the best time possible, and

we all left with some special gifts!

From start to finish it was an amazing day which I really enjoyed with my family. One of the

best things was, we all ‘just knew’, everyone there had their own unique health needs, so

we didn’t have to explain, justify, or face any judgement. For that day no one was looking—we could just be families having fun together, and that was the most special thing

of all.

I would like to give a big shout out to the two charities that organised this special day. To

Milly's Days and Rays of Sunshine thank you for all you did to make the day so memorable.

I would normally think something with the word sunshine in it would be for me, or excite

me but this charity proved me wrong.

Eddison out!!!

To find out more about Rays of Sunshine, please visit:


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