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Lexi's Legends

Do a Good Deed and Become One of Lexi’s Legends this Holiday Season!

On December 16, Alexandra (Lexi) Townsin should be celebrating her 9th birthday. However, it has been just over two years since she lost her life to a rare disease called Blau syndrome. To mark her birthday this year her 11-year-old brother Felix, with the help of his parents has launched a website ( that not only celebrates his sister’s legacy but asks people to do something positive for the world in Lexi’s honour. The act could be as simple as donating to a charity or even doing a good turn for a neighbour or someone in need.

Felix says “This is why I started this website because I want my sister's spirit to live on, inspiring the people she loved and those she never got the chance to meet. Do you wish for a world with less suffering? A world with more kindness, and generosity? So did Lexi.”

Lexi’s father Troy adds “Life is short, and Lexi’s was much shorter than it should have been but the love she put into the world doesn’t disappear – it is still growing. Felix had this amazing idea that people who didn’t even know Lexi might be able to celebrate her and make the world a better place at the same time. Participating is so easy – just do something good and then let us know about it – you become one of “Lexi’s Legends” and we can let Felix know how his sister’s legacy is impacting the world.”

Other ways that the family are honouring Lexi’s legacy include founding a rare disease charity (, running a Lexi’s Little Leaders program enabling youth with big ideas to get access to the resources they need to make their vision come true and by facilitating a Grief Retreat opportunity for families to get away and grieve together while enduring heart-breaking loss.

To become one of Lexi’s Legends and to learn more about Lexi’s Legacy visit


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