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Women in RARE: Next Gen: Belinda Derbyshire

Updated: May 14

Welcome to Women in RARE: Next Gen. Here, we shine a spotlight on female rare disease advocates of the future. First featured in the Women in RARE edition of RARE Revolution Magazine


About you

My name is Belinda Leigh Derbyshire, I am a 13-year-old South African with a passion in dermatology. I am an eczema and acne vulgaris patient. I currently volunteer for the XP Society of South Africa. I started being a volunteer from the age of two, This means a lot to me as my gran was an XP patient in South Africa. She is my lovie. She was one of the strongest people I ever knew. XP can be a debilitating disease and to watch her stand up and fight every day was amazing. I play with all the patients at the XP camps and help the children eat, or swim. I love Animals and swimming.

Your biggest motivation

I have always been motivated by the desire to help meet new people and learn new things. I am convinced I will be going into medical once I finish high school.

The greatest achievement

Partaking in the XP camps as a volunteer for XP South Africa


What's next to strive for?

I will be volunteering at Angels for Animals this year as well.

Advice to other up-and-coming advocates

Do what you can no matter how small. Every little bit of help means something to someone. The sky is the limit.

The tide will turn for the rare disease community when...

All people are aware of rare diseases.





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