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Gift Guide

For our 12 days of RAREmas, we have been suggesting gifts for members of the rare disease community.

However, if maybe you might have missed one or two of our suggestions so here for all your gifting needs is our full RARE Youth Revolution gift guide.

1. Extraordinary by Evren and Kara Ayik

Extraordinary by Evren and Kara Ayik asks "What makes a child with a rare disease extraordinary?"

Explore the answer to this question while sharing an illustrated conversation with Evren Ayik about what he has learned while growing up with his own rare disease."

You can find the book here:

2. The Abilities in me save Christmas by Gemma Keir

This heart-warming story teaches inclusion, teamwork and promotes acceptance of everyone's abilities within their disabilities.

You can find the book here:

3. World will remember you Dad by Shyamala Peesapati

World will remember you Dad is Shyamala's first novel and is based on events from her own life. As you might be able to tell from the title, the book was written as a tribute to Shyamala's father, who was diagnosed with a rare condition.

You can Shyamala's book here:

4. Friends of Teddington activity books

Bake Make Do and Dig Sow Grow are two amazing books packed with creative ideas for the youngsters in your life to enjoy.

You can find them here:

5. Touch screen stickers

These handy little stickers turn any pair of gloves into touch screen compatible gloves.

Handy for people who may need to wear gloves for safety or health reasons!

Find them here:

6. The Big, Bigger and Biggest books of Yes

Are you or someone you love looking for inspiration for your next adventure. Whether you are dreaming big of adventures in a far flung land, or taking on a personal goal—these books are the perfect read to inspire.

The books can be found here:

The Big book of Yes:

The Bigger book of Yes:

The Biggest book of Yes:


Written by RARE Youth Coordinator James Brooks

To get involved with the RARE Youth Revolution, and this series, you can email our youth coordinator James Brooks at

You can also find us on Instagram @rare_youth_revolution and on Facebook @RareYouthRevolution


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