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Letters to my younger self: Pamela Price

Is there anything you wish you could know now as a young person in preparation before life throws it's life stuff at you?

Do you ever think it would be really handy if we could meet our older selves and find out just what is to come and how we should handle it? Kind of like a cheat sheet from our future selves.

Well we are here to help! RARE Youth Revolution are reaching out to some very inspiring older people who have been there and done it! They have all been a younger person and have all experienced some difficult and but also very happy times. Here they are with letters they have written to their younger selves with insights and advice that might be of use to you as a young person today.

WARNING some of these letters might make you emotional!

Introducing the awesome Pamela Price Behçet’s Disease activist, trail runner, obstacle course athlete, rock climber and Instagram star!

Pamela is the Vice President of LATF USA, a daily lifestyle/entertainment news site, as well as the Executive Producer of the acclaimed annual award show, the Hollywood Beauty Awards, known as the ‘Oscars of Beauty’ and the Daytime Beauty Awards, which celebrates ‘Science behind Beauty.’


Dear Pamela,

You’re one of the strongest girls I know and one day you will be one of the strongest women. Keep bottling up that bright energy that you wake up with every morning and know that the bright light inside of you will continue to shine on and guide you towards every goal you wish to succeed and reach.

Don’t worry about what people say or think. I know that’s easier said than done, but I promise, one day you’ll brush it all off and you won’t remember what it felt like to hold the weight of certain insecurities on your shoulders. The only person you need to impress is yourself.

Everything that comes your way: whether it’s pain, loss, heartbreak, joy, adrenaline, comfort… it’s all meant to be and meant for you to feel. Pain is just an obstacle and when you climb over and conquer it, the feeling of joy will be worth it. I promise you that.

You will keep dancing and running and you will love it even more than you do now. One day, you will run a race that will change your life and lift you up on cloud nine. From there, you won’t stop. You will become a warrior and soar to unimaginable heights.

Whatever physical or health challenge that comes your way will only make you stronger. It’s not a curse, it’s a unique blessing. Dark clouds always pass, and behind them there is always light.

You’re doing just fine, Pamela. Look to the sky and take a deep breath. Life is good.

With Love from your older-self,


Hand written version


You can follow Pamela and find out more about her personal rare journey here:

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