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Women in RARE: Next Gen: Isabella de Beer

Welcome to Women in RARE: Next Gen. Here, we shine a spotlight on female rare disease advocates of the future. First featured in the Women in RARE edition of RARE Revolution Magazine

Isabella de Beer

About you

My name is Isabella de Beer and I am 11 years old. Since my 4th birthday I have been a volunteer at the XP camp. I love working with the kids and playing with them. At camp these kids can play and no one stares at them, we are all the same. When I'm older I am going to run the XP society.

Your biggest motivation

Seeing these kids every year and knowing they have a chance in life if we try to help.

Isabella de Beer

Your greatest achievement

My greatest achievement is my schoolwork I want to become a doctor and I get over 80% for every subject. I also love modeling and doing community work.

What's next to strive for?

I strive to learn hard and become a doctor to help these kids.

Advice to up-and-coming advocates

Give your free time, and do charity work it feels good to give back to the community.

The tide will turn for the rare disease community when...

We get more people who care and give their time helping out and not expecting anything back.



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