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Top Tips for RARE Shielding

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

Every month we will be running a RARE Top Tips to help shine a light on some of the current and ongoing issues us kids and teens face whilst navigating growing up with rare disease. We want to make the journey smoother for those just starting out with a rare disease and remind those rare troopers that they are not alone and we can all help each other with advice, support and encouragement. For our first in the series. we are sharing Eddison’s top tips for shielding

This is great advice if you are a RARE kid who is still shielding or limiting your exposure to others now that lockdown is easing during the coronavirus pandemic. We are living in very confusing times and this summer may be a particularly challenging time for children managing complex health issues, but Eddison’s awesome snippets can help you not only survive this weird time at home but thrive! 😊

You might also enjoy reading Eddion/s recent column about how shielding has been for him. Read in full HERE

Written by Eddison Miller

Stay tuned next month for more TOP TIPS from our youth community, and if you would like to share your own top tips in navigating life with a rare disease, managing your health or anything else on your mind, just drop us an email.


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