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Eddison Explores: Back 2 School

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

So, it’s the beginning of school again and I am really excited about it as I am now heading into year six and all-ready for a new school year.

This is my last year in primary school, but I have so much more to do in my school career and so much still to achieve, with high school just around the corner next year, which will be another new chapter of my life. It feels like there are lots of great things on the horizon for me, which feels very different to how I felt at the end of summer last year.

This time last year I was coming out of months of medically shielding due to COVID 19 and I was nervous about returning to school (read my blog on this here). Little did I know then that the return to school would be fleeting and we would go on to spend much of last year home schooling, in lockdowns and bubble isolations.

So, what will the 2021/22 school year look like for us now?

The truth is NO ONE KNOWS.

For me, I hope we can start to put COVID behind us, and I hope this school year will bring:

1. A chance to grow my independence as I start to think about being ready for ‘big school’.

2. Friendship and being together with my best friends - bubble free.

3. Facing new challenges and conquering new subjects.

4. Overcoming my fear of big books and discovering authors and books I can love.

Many children felt robbed of the special experience of leaving primary school last year, with cancelled proms and end of term plays and no opportunity to come together in the usual ways to say goodbye to their class and teachers.

My big hope is that my class and I get the chance to have a full and vibrant year 6 experience and that when the time comes, we can close that chapter, as we started—together. Before we head on to pastures new.

Bring on year 6!

Wishing you all a brilliant school year ahead, I hope it your best yet!

Eddison Out.


Written by Eddison as part of our "Back 2 School" campaign.

To get involved with the RARE Youth Revolution, you can email our youth coordinator James Brooks at


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