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My little lockdown life

The gang at #TOYLIKEME have created this lovely little craft project to help keep you busy during the Covid-19 lockdown, so get your scissors, colouring pencils and glue at the ready— it's time to get creative!

Picture of the Little Life model

Writer, Rebecca Atkinson and Illustrator, Kate Read have created the ‘My Little Lockdown Life in a Box Project’ to keep you and your families colouring, cutting and snipping during lockdown to build a tiny version of your lockdown homes and world around you, complete with PE with Joe Wicks on the titchy telly, (huff, puff) tiny home-school work (yawn, yawn) and teeny weeny messages of thanks to NHS workers (our true heroes).

“Right now, we are living through history in the making! You will look back on this period and tell your grandchildren about the strange time when the schools shut and we all had to stay inside for weeks and weeks and not see our friends. This project will enable you to make a playful heirloom record of this time.” Rebecca Atkinson, creator and writer

The ‘My Little Lockdown Life in a Box’ printable download is available to buy here –

All photos by Beth Moseley Photography


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