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Women of Power

Power can come in many forms, in big actions or the teeny everyday things.

This month we celebrate International Women’s Day, so today I am writing to you about two powerful women in my life.

The first is someone I have only known for a short time, and she is my teacher Mrs Riseley. She has taught me so much and given me the best school year so far, I only wish we had been in class all year! Let me tell you she is the best teacher I have ever had in the school so far.

She has taught me how to believe in my abilities at school and made me feel more confident about what I can achieve.

She is so calming and has lots of helpful techniques to help me shine and be the best I can in school.

Eddison's teacher Mrs Risley smiling in the garden on a sunny day.
Mrs Riseley

The second woman I would like to tell you about is my Auntie Rebecca, who of course I have known all my life. When I was first diagnosed, she started a campaign to help support my needs, and this went on to become what everyone now knows as the Teddington Trust.

The Teddington Trust and all the work that my mum and Auntie do in it has made a big difference to my life. It helps people all over the world with education and resources so they can live their best life with XP.

It also helps the world know about XP to help make life easier for kids like me with XP as more awareness means that our differences become less, and people learn that really, we are all the same.

Rebecca holding Little Ted the XP Teddington Trust Bear!
Auntie Rebecca and Little Ted
I should say that there are so many more women in my life and around it who make a difference and are so special and important to me, but I couldn’t write about them all, but I hope they all know how much they mean to me for doing what they do to make my life extraordinary!

Eddison Out!

Written by Eddison Miller

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